Cardio Is Key

Another key thing I want to touch on today is cardio. Cardio is by far my least favorite thing to do. Or it was before I learned a smarter way to do it. A lot of people kill themselves in the gym running on the treadmill for hours and theres just no need for it. Running on the treadmill wastes time and it wont help you reach your goals. Cardio should never take more than about 30 minutes and it can be something as simple as taking a walk when you wake up. Just remember before you get on another treadmill that there are smarter ways of doing cardio. If you don’t believe me look no further than youtube. Youtube one of the most informative platforms available because it is absolutely full of people who want to help. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to do your own research. Happy gains (and losses)!

Who Cares

Today I wanted to mention a couple things about the gym that I think is important for everyone to realize. The most important thing to understand about the gym is that everyone has to start somewhere. I meet people all the time who are intimidated by going to the gym because they aren’t as strong as they’d like to be and they don’t want to look stupid trying to do small amounts of weight. This takes me to my next point – PR’s (personal records) are just that; PERSONAL records. People don’t know, nor do they need to know how much weight you can lift. Rarely do people work out with the maximum weight they can use because its just plain stupid. Sometimes (most of the time), it is much more beneficial to use significantly less weight than you are capable of. So just remember, the gym is personal and there is no need to compare yourself to anyone else by how they look or how much you can lift. Today I also want to encourage everyone to check out one of my favorite personal trainers in Knoxville. His Instagram account is both inspirational, and educational. Find him at @fivestarrfit or visit his website at

October Vibes

October has come and nearly gone. Here in Knoxville, we have just begun our transition to the cold weather. Cold weather can be difficult when it comes to being pro active and exercising, which is why today I am going to stress the importance of stretching and doing it correctly. When cold weather rolls in everyone knows the feeling of achy joints and muscles. It is super important to make sure your body is warm before stretching. Stretching cold muscles is a recipe for tears and strains. With that being said, don’t forget to stretch in general. This does not mean you need to set aside an hour for yoga. Set aside 10-15 minutes in the gym for stretching. It hardly takes any time at all and your body will thank you later. Not only does it help to prevent injury, but it will drastically increase your flexibility. For more tips and stretching tricks be sure to visit eHow Fitness on youtube!

Bye Weekend

Hello all! This weekend is a very important weekend to all here at the University of Tennessee. After being embarrassed by Alabama this past weekend, everyone is looking forward to a weekend of no football. This is yet another opportunity to hit the reset button. Get your homework done, take a break from working out, or get back on track with your eating habits. No matter what life throws at you, there will always be opportunities to hit the rester button (no matter how hectic your life gets). Be sure to use opportunities like this to get back on track with your goals and help you reach your successes. This week I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who has become an inspiration to myself and many others, who I went to high school with. His name is Chip Conto and he can be found on social media with the handle @Chipsfit_Conto. He offers daily inspiration and and motivation in the fitness world, and comes highly recommended! Find him on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Bama Thoughts

The 3rd weekend in October is finally here. After getting over our first two humps in the road against Florida and Georgia and falling to Texas A&M, we here on Rocky Top think we are finally ready to overcome the Bama rivalry. Social media this week has been crazy due to the way the season has unfolded. Will we be able to pull off another miracle, or will we fall short yet again? One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to read articles and watch videos on the upcoming week of college football, however social media has made it super easy to access all the information i’m looking for on the go. If you’re into college football, or just sports in general you can always follow your favorite networks on twitter for all the information you need on the go. A few of my favorites will be posted below.





Social/Mainstream Media: Fact or Opinion?

This election season is making it harder and harder for people to keep their politics to themselves. That being said, I want to take this time to get a few of my thoughts out, hopefully without “offending” anyone. I won’t talk about who i’m voting for or anything like that, I just want to stress how important this election is. The majority of people claim to not care about this election because they don’t like either candidate. I will just say that no matter how you feel about the two nominee’s, one of them will become the next president of the United States. Do your research. Don’t believe everything you see on the news. Social and mainstream media have huge effects on voter turnout and opinion, so just make sure you vote on fact, not just opinion.

Relax while you can

Fall Break is coming to an end here and everyone is starting to come to the realization that they can’t continue to eat pizza and chicken tenders forever. Instead of reminding you guys to workout and eat clean in this post, I thought it would be a good chance to remind everyone how important Fall break is for your mind. Although some teachers do decide to give homework over break, it’s important to be able to take a break from school work completely. The semester is about halfway over, and if you don’t give you brain a chance to rest, you’re not going to be enthusiastic about getting back to work. Grades are important, but not at the expense of overloading your brain. So just remember to enjoy break to the fullest and go back to school ready to take on the second half of the semester!