Pro Tip

Hey guys, i’ve been meaning to share this little pro tip for a while now I just haven’t had the opportunity. This is more for athletes striving to make required benchmark goals, but a useful tip nonetheless.

When I was 19, I had just made my first junior hockey team in Rochester New York. The summer prior to the season, each player had required benchmarks to get to for specific exercises like bench press, squat, pull ups etc… At the time, I had just began working out and was not very strong. I was bench pressing about 185 pounds, which was a little over my body weight. This is typically a good thing, however I was required to reach a 250 pound bench press by the beginning of training camp in August. I worked super hard all summer, but a few days before training camp I was still struggling to life 245 pounds. It was at that moment in the gym when my mentor told me that flexing different parts of your body while lifting could add an additional push to your lift. Sure enough, I tried the tip and it added an instant 10 additional pounds to my lift.

When it comes to lifting, there is always small techniques you can implement in order to get more out of your workout. Check out @Scotthermanfitness on youtube for all the best lifting tricks and tips!

You v. You

Hey guys, hope the holiday season isn’t getting in the way of your goals too much. I know this time of the year is tough to stick with your routine, but I have faith in all of you! When this time of the year rolls around people start to make excuses that the new year is just around the corner and everything is just going to change when January 1 hits. It’s important to know that you don’t have to wait for the new year to start working towards your goals, and the only thing standing in your way is yourself. Life is always going to be a constant battle, and I don’t just mean physically. You have to challenge yourself both physically and mentally. My buddy Chipsfit_conto has been releasing all kinds of inspirational and educational videos on his new youtube channel called Destined 4 Greatness (D4G). Be sure to check it out and stick with your goals!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it wont change you” – @Chipsfit_conto

End of Semester Turmoil

Well everyone, that time of the year is here. The end of the semester is upon us and final projects and exams are just around the corner. I know it gets busy and you’re strapped for time and lacking sleep. I myself don’t feel too great about this past week. I think I got about 20 hours of sleep total and I’m almost positive that my body is almost entirely composed of fast food. Don’t freak out if you’re feeling like I am right now. These things happen, especially around the end of semesters. I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be alright. One day, even one week is not going to ruin you. It’s important to know that sometimes life happens. With that being said, it is equally important to not let life form new habits. Do not let a week of bad eating and exams turn into a month. Just because you miss a week at the gym does not mean you can take two weeks off. Life may get in the way, but always challenge yourself to make the best of every day. I know some of these workout accounts I post are cheesy, but just by following them increases your chances of reminding you of your goals and reaching them. @FitnessMotivationArt posts motivational fitness artwork every now and then. If you see it, it won’t physically help, but it might inspire you to get back on track.

Make It Work

One of the hardest things for me now that I’m in college is finding the time to put effort into your conditioning. The two hardest things for me personally are meal prep and making time to get to the gym. The key to everything is sleep. Not only is sleep important to be healthy in general, but it also is the key to feeling good and making time. With that being said, changing your sleep cycle could make a tremendous difference. Going to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep and still be up with enough time to work out, eat and get ready for your day will make all the difference in your life. Not only will you feel better, but it will make your day exponentially longer, giving you more time to be productive. Just remember; a body in motion, stays in motion. If you have been following along with @chipsfit_conto he said it best when he said, “There is something about getting better while the rest of the world sleeps”.

Mix It Up

In my last post, I talked about the importance of mixing up your workout routine. A great way to do that is to incorporate partner workouts. Now personally, I prefer to workout by myself. Not only does it give me freedom to do as I please, but it also takes some of the pressures off of working out in front of people. Although this is true, partner workouts opens up a whole new realm of workouts. It allows you to use a second set of hands and really challenge yourself. I know I just said I prefer to workout by myself, but partner workouts are super fun and engaging. I recommend finding someone who shares your goals, however even if they don’t, these types of workouts often provide extra motivation in addition to creating a fun workout atmosphere. These workouts create a sense of competition that really help to push you and your abilities to the next level. Trust me (or don’t)! If you have no clue what a partner workout is don’t fret, they are easily accessible via google search, workout apps and social media channels. Be sure to give it a shot. Happy lifting!

Mix It Up

If you have been working out and not seeing results there are a number of things you could be doing wrong. Most experts typically look to diet first, however one of the major aspects that often get overlooked is the routine itself. Many people are guilty of falling into the same exercise routine week in and week out. Ideally, you should be incorporating numerous different exercises into each and every week. If you use the same lifts over and over again it can cause your body to become complacent. It is very important that you incorporate different exercises to keep your body guessing, which is the best way to challenge yourself and build new muscles. If you don’t quite know how to add new and exciting workouts, the app store has hundreds of apps that will help to educate you on the fundamentals behind new workouts. Cruise the app store until you find one that works for you personally. This is also a good way to stay on track with your goals!

Hey all. The end of the year is nearing, and it’s important to see how far you have come. Without setting goals for yourself it can be challenging to monitor the progress you have made. Which brings me to the point of this post: set goals for yourself. New Years resolutions are commonly made yet quickly forgotten. Here are a couple helpful ideas to help you stick with your resolution goals:

1.) Write your goals down. I know it sounds cheesy, but writing your goals down will give them more meaning to you and harder to forget about.

2.) Put them somewhere you pass by often like a refrigerator or wall by the front door of where you live. It reminds you every day of your goals and also in a way guilts you into working towards them.

If you struggle with sticking with your goals or even setting them to begin with, check out project life mastery on Youtube, or go to their website at for helpful hints and goal setting workshops!