End of Semester Turmoil

Well everyone, that time of the year is here. The end of the semester is upon us and final projects and exams are just around the corner. I know it gets busy and you’re strapped for time and lacking sleep. I myself don’t feel too great about this past week. I think I got about 20 hours of sleep total and I’m almost positive that my body is almost entirely composed of fast food. Don’t freak out if you’re feeling like I am right now. These things happen, especially around the end of semesters. I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be alright. One day, even one week is not going to ruin you. It’s important to know that sometimes life happens. With that being said, it is equally important to not let life form new habits. Do not let a week of bad eating and exams turn into a month. Just because you miss a week at the gym does not mean you can take two weeks off. Life may get in the way, but always challenge yourself to make the best of every day. I know some of these workout accounts I post are cheesy, but just by following them increases your chances of reminding you of your goals and reaching them. @FitnessMotivationArt posts motivational fitness artwork every now and then. If you see it, it won’t physically help, but it might inspire you to get back on track.

Author: kirbykinslow

-Junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville -Advertising Major -Business Minor -Interests: Sports, Politics, and Health.

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