Mix It Up

In my last post, I talked about the importance of mixing up your workout routine. A great way to do that is to incorporate partner workouts. Now personally, I prefer to workout by myself. Not only does it give me freedom to do as I please, but it also takes some of the pressures off of working out in front of people. Although this is true, partner workouts opens up a whole new realm of workouts. It allows you to use a second set of hands and really challenge yourself. I know I just said I prefer to workout by myself, but partner workouts are super fun and engaging. I recommend finding someone who shares your goals, however even if they don’t, these types of workouts often provide extra motivation in addition to creating a fun workout atmosphere. These workouts create a sense of competition that really help to push you and your abilities to the next level. Trust me (or don’t)! If you have no clue what a partner workout is don’t fret, they are easily accessible via google search, workout apps and social media channels. Be sure to give it a shot. Happy lifting!

Author: kirbykinslow

-Junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville -Advertising Major -Business Minor -Interests: Sports, Politics, and Health.

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