Steak and Eggs

So in my last post I sort of hinted that I found something that worked for me weight-loss-wise. People laughed when I told them what it was, and to this day people still don’t believe me. I’ve always known that diet is the most essential part of any physical goal you’re trying to reach, but I could never do one because of my picky eating habits. That was until I found out about the “Steak and Eggs” diet. It sounds hilarious, I know. I’ll admit at first I thought it was a bit of a joke myself. That was until I lost several (15-20ish?) pounds in two and a half weeks on the diet. Like I said before, I found the diet on facebook and looked into it further from there. Doubt it all you want, but it worked for me. If you’re interested in learning more about it feel free to check out the link below that breaks it down and explains why it works. You wont be disappointed.

The Old School ‘Steak and Eggs’ Diet for Fat Loss, Balanced Energy, and Increased Testosterone

Article written by Victor Pride (2011)

Not convinced? Try it. Its the simplest, easiest diet you’ll ever do. It’s cheaper than a regular week of eating if you buy the right things. It doesn’t require super expensive cuts of steak. A cheap four dollar steak will work, and if not ground beef (at least 80/20) will also work. It’s essentially a ketogenic diet which just means eliminating carbohydrates and sugars, which is basically everything we know and love with the exception of steak and eggs. Stick to water (all day), beef and eggs (twice a day) and you will see an incredible transformation. If you don’t want to lose fat or gain muscle definition, definitely don’t do the diet.

P.S- If you’re into lifting weights, dieting and motivation check out the Calisthenics, Bodybuilding Motivation facebook. Ill post the link below, and if you didn’t happen to check out the link up top its also on the facebook link below. Enjoy and happy lifting!


Author: kirbykinslow

-Junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville -Advertising Major -Business Minor -Interests: Sports, Politics, and Health.

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