What Happened?

This is the post excerpt.

So anyone who read my about me section knows that I was super competitive with hockey from the ages of 16-21. With that being said, it wasn’t a challenge to stay healthy and fit because of the amount of training that went into every single day of my career, even though my diet was never great (with the exception of when I played on teams with mandatory diets). As a kid my mom never forced me to eat foods I didn’t like (God bless her), which ultimately doomed me to eat like a child for my entire life. Playing hockey was always great because I was always in shape and didn’t need to worry about my eating habits. On the contrary, it kept me from putting on weight even when thats what my goal was. I was always around 180 pounds with a goal of reaching 200. I never reached my weight goal playing hockey, but being in college sure did the trick. Not the 200 pounds I had envisioned for myself. Freshman cafeteria food added up pounds quickly and did not stop. #DadBodSeason

Author: kirbykinslow

-Junior at the University of Tennessee Knoxville -Advertising Major -Business Minor -Interests: Sports, Politics, and Health.

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